Finishing “What’s the Problem” “Što nije u redu?”

Here are the materials for the Narrative Discipleship class I taught on 4 March 2018 at Kristova crkva Kušlanova in Zagreb, Croatia.  The materials are in Croatian and English.  There were no new handouts this week; we finished the material from last week.

1.Intro and review

2. Discussion of what Satan is like, and the nature of sin.

3. Discussion of the far-reaching consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin, focusing on shame.

The discussion of shame’s legitimacy got a little side-tracked; we had several definitions of shame operating, and didn’t separate them out.  I will follow up in a future lesson, because I think there are a couple of additional things to say that will frame why I say that shame is illegitimate for Christians.

4. In the aftermath of Adam & Eve’s sin, the consequences and corruption spread, violence proliferates, things keep getting worse (Genesis 4, 5, 6), until “the inclination of their minds was only evil, all the time” (6.5) and God expresses regret at having ever created humanity (a standard ANE story).

But in the midst of the trouble, we see a new facet of God’s character, as he becomes his creation’s redeemer.

“What’s the Problem? Što nije u redu?”

This is the lesson from NARRATIVE DISCIPLESHIP that I taught at Kristova Crkva Kušlanova on 25 February.


  • Genesis 1 answers the Big Question, “Who is God? What is he like?”
  • Genesis 2: “Who are WE? What does it mean to be human?”
  • Genesis 1 & 2 together: “WHERE are we? How should we understand the world around us?”
  1. We began by finishing the material from Genesis 2; Who Are We? (What does the Bible say about what it means to be human?)

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