“Before God, Unmasked,” final lecture

This is the final lecture from my Romans class, “Before God, Unmasked,” taught at Biblijski institut Zagreb.

  1. Here, we discuss what Paul means by 12.1, “Offer your bodies as living sacrifices.”  This verse is the opening statement of the long section, Romans 12 – 15, and serves as the theme for all that follows in the section.

2. Continues the discussion of Romans 12.1-2; what does Paul say about the role of the mind in daily Christian living?

3. The role of spiritual gifts in the building up of the church.

4. How spiritual gifts lead to growth.  This portion of the lecture uses material from Everett Huffard, professor of Leadership and Missions at Harding School of Theology, Memphis TN.

5. How should Christians living in modern democracies understand Paul’s admonition to submit to the government?

6. How have Christians interacted with government historically?  What principles should guide our approach?

7. Approaching moral “gray areas”.

8. In his churches, how did Paul approach the issue of eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols? What can we learn from his approach?

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