Narrative Discipleship: Romans Session 4, pt 2

This post includes the final hour of my lecture on Romans 8 from 11 June.

6. Awaiting Redemption: I describe the Jewish hope of the resurrection—bodily, cosmic—and how the New Testament writers hold the same hope. We are not waiting resurrection as disembodied spirits, nor are we waiting for God to discard the present creation and replace it with something better. We await REDEMPTION, both of our bodies and of the creation around us.

7. The Spirit at Prayer: how the Holy Spirit works in our prayer life.

8. God Works All Things Together for Our Good: here we talk about the great promise of Romans 8.28-30, that God has determined to use everything that happens in your life, everything that he does and allows, to accomplish his purpose for you: that you would reflect Jesus, appropriately bearing God’s image.

9. Foreknown: the relationship between foreknowledge and predestination, understood in biblical context, is the foundation for an Arminian reading of Paul.

10. Foreknown, pt 2: continues the discussion of the relationship between foreknowledge and predestination.

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