Narrative Discipleship: Romans Session 4, pt 1

Below are the videos to the first hour of lectures from this past Monday night, when I taught on Romans 8 for Biblijski institut Zagreb.  I will post the second hour shortly.

This lecture is part of a series on Romans.  The series is titled, “Before God without a Mask.”

I chose this title because one central implication of Paul’s gospel, as I see it, is that God both knows us intimately (better than we know ourselves; he knows ALL the ugly stuff and hidden actions) and loves us completely.  Ergo, because of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ, we can stand before him without a mask, without a veil.

Here is a handout, “Paul’s Mind Scriptures,” that is important for the lecture.  It is a catena of passages where Paul talks about the place of the mind (worldview, mindset, values) in the Christian life.  It’s not an exhaustive list, but it hits the high points.

Part 1. Here, I deal with the textual variant in Romans 8.2; does Paul say that God has “set ME free from the law of sin and death”?  Or “set YOU free”?

Part 2. How does Romans 8.1 connect with what precedes it?  The basic outline of what Paul says here about God’s victory over sin in our lives.

Part 3. Here, I talk about “walking by the Spirit.”  What does it look like to “set your mind on things of the flesh”?  This part of the discussion continues in the next video, part 4.

Part 4. Most of the conversation here revolves around the texts on the handout (linked above), “Paul’s ‘Mind’ Passages.”  The Powerpoint for this part of the class is very static; you would do better to look at that handout.

Part 5. This part of the conversation focuses on the day-by-day work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life.


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