“What’s the Problem? Što nije u redu?”

This is the lesson from NARRATIVE DISCIPLESHIP that I taught at Kristova Crkva Kušlanova on 25 February.


  • Genesis 1 answers the Big Question, “Who is God? What is he like?”
  • Genesis 2: “Who are WE? What does it mean to be human?”
  • Genesis 1 & 2 together: “WHERE are we? How should we understand the world around us?”
  1. We began by finishing the material from Genesis 2; Who Are We? (What does the Bible say about what it means to be human?)

2. This included a long discussion of what it means to be created “in God’s image”.

3. Then we discussed what Genesis 1 & 2 teaches us about the world around us.

4. In the final part, we started looking at Genesis 3 and what it teaches about how God’s good creation is corrupted by sin and rebellion.  This segment will continue next Sunday, since we ran out of time.

The Big Question that the Bible answers in Genesis 3 is “What’s the Problem? Why isn’t the world what it is supposed to be?”

Practically every culture, religion, and worldview asks this question. We are born with the knowledge that things are not what they’re supposed to be. Genesis 3 is where the biblical answer to that question begins.

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