Videos for 2. “What Kind of God? / Kakav je Bog?”

These are the videos of the second Narrative Discipleship class I taught on 11 February 2018 at Kristova crkva Kušlanova in Zagreb, Croatia.  The documents for the class can be found at the preceding link. 

Five minute preview: the class has just read Gen 1.1 – 2.4, with me asking them to look at it as a narrative, preparing them to talk about the picture of God that the story paints for the readers.

Part 1: In this segment, I introduced the idea of reading the Bible as a story, and gave the class two tools to help them understand the Bible. The first tool: see the whole Bible as one story with six parts. The second: see the whole Bible as a story about God; he is always the hero.

Part 2: in this segment, I talk about how the way a person thinks of God–even if they don’t believe in God, that’s still a way of thinking about God–affects the way they live and make moral decisions. Then my translator read Genesis 1.1 – 2.4 in Croatian. Then we talked about how God is depicted in the story, and why that depiction is important for faith.  (The preview is from this section.)

Part 3: In this segment, I introduce the idea of worldview (although I did not use the term; that’s for week 2.)  I talk about the connections between story, worldview, and faith.

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