Introduction: Narrative Discipleship

Narrative Discipleship is a series of lessons built on the story of the Bible.  The series is appropriate for a Sunday School class or group Bible study (or personal, individual study).

By “built on the story of the Bible,” I mean that the series centers on my adaptation of N.T. Wright’s suggestion that the Bible be read as a single story about God, what he does and what he is like.  The story has six chapters.  That’s the “narrative” in Narrative Discipleship.

What about the “discipleship”?  Discipleship is more than simply knowing the content of the Bible.  Discipleship is being shaped by the Bible, or being shaped by God through other means.

This study is discipleship because I use the story of the Bible to illuminate a biblical way of looking at the world, a biblical worldview.

A worldview is a coherent way of interpreting the world and the things that happen.  The way I summarize a worldview is by a series of questions:

  • Who is God, and what is he like?
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • How should we understand the world we live in?
  • What is wrong with the world we live in?
  • What is the solution to what is wrong with the world we live in?
  • Where are we headed, and how soon will we get there?

The Bible tells us the story of God, not just so we will know the story, but so that we will believe the Bible’s answers to the worldview questions, and reject other answers to those questions.

Here at, I will post here all the materials I have, week-by-week, as I present them at Kristova crkva Kušlanova in Zagreb, Croatia.

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